Homeowners Find Fashion and Decor in Bamboo Window Shades

When a consumer decides they want to replace their old window shades with something new and exciting, and they are fashionable and design conscious, they will usually move towards bamboo shades. In the past, many consumers were only able to purchase lower cost, basic and “cheap” products that came in the color white. As lovely as white can be, this light color tone, which will reflect the light and cause it to radiate, can also be blinding when the sun pierces the window shades. Another thing about those cheaper alternatives is, they do not cut down on energy costs like bamboo shades do. Because these better choices are all natural, no chemicals added to the manufacturing process, the heat or cold will not escape your home when the window shades are closed tightly.

Along with window shades from bamboo being energy efficient, they are decorative and fashionable. Over time, consumers have asked for particular styles, models and colors that they preferred. This resulted in the consumer getting what they wanted instead of what was already manufactured or in the showroom floor. Today’s window shades come in so many styles and models the consumer will be looking through samples for quite a while. In the US market, innovation and competition has brought out to market a range of choices in styles, and these include many popular fashions, including matchstick, rattan, jute, reeds, grass and plain wooden slats. All of these styles of window shades can be viewed online or in your local home décor store. From some locations, the consumer can bring home samples of the window shades styles they like the most and see which one would look best as the sun goes down in the room they want the bamboo shades to be hung.

These lovely window coverings come in a variety of colors as well, which is quite a departure from the boring huge range of whites, as in the other window blinds like wood blinds. The most popular colors come in varying window shades of brown. Bamboo shades came be ordered in a light shade of brown, which would look very nice in a family room or living room allowing more light to enter during the day. For a child’s room, either a light brown would be a fitting color or a pastel color for a girl’s room. If a consumer is working at home, they will probably want a darker shade of brown in their study or computer room to have more of a professional or business-like feeling.

Several fashionable bamboo shades come in models like matchstick, grass weaves, tortoise shell, and jute, which is actually a paper pulp product used in some window shades. These styles offer so many more impressive and fashionable bamboo shades to enhance your home’s décor. There are endless styles to look through and pick from in bamboo shades today. There are various prices for window shades the consumer can look through too. There are the economy bamboo shades to the high end or premium bamboo shades. Whatever your budget is, there are bamboo shades to fit that budget.

Another excellent reason to look for and then purchase bamboo shades is their environmental impact on the earth. All bamboo window shades are manufactured in what is known as a low emissions factory. This means, there are no chemicals added to the wood as it is going through the machines that make the window shades into the style or model the consumer desires. Because the bamboo shades have no chemicals added to them, the employees and people living near the factories will not breathe in any harmful chemicals. Also, if a consumer ever decides to upgrade, if you will, their bamboo shade(s), they will be happy to know their old window shades will break down in the earth within 2 to 5 months leaving no mark of ever building up in any landfill. Even though the window shades do have tiny plastic and metal parts that hold the window shades together, these parts will not fill up the landfill they are in which most window shades end up being buried. These reasons alone have earth friendly people purchasing bamboo shades.

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